Thank you for considering The Academic VA. Heather is excited you are taking the next step of hiring out some help with your business.

The coaching and consultation packages below are priced to save you time, help your business grow, save your frustrations by learning from someone who has been there, and putting your energey where it's most valuable - with your family, creating more items, and doing the parts of your business that you love!

Below are the consultation and coaching services currently provided.

Pinterest Consultation

Are you wondering how to improve your Pinterest strategy to help grow your sales on Teachers Pay Teachers? Let Heather help you with a Pinterest consultation designed specifically for TpT sellers.

Heather has been on Pinterest since the "early days" when you needed an email invite to be added. Since then a LOT has changed - group boards are not driving as much traffic, Pinterest has become a HUGE traffic source for TpT sellers, pin descriptions became a BIG deal, and more. 

Plus Heather has worked with over 70 TpTers directly to help them drive more traffic to their blog and store via Pinterest. She's primarily works with elementary bloggers - but she also has experience with middle school, high school, Speech-Language Pathologists, special education, and music accounts. 

Heather has also taught one-time Masterclass sessions specifically on Pinterest and Tailwind Looping. Plus she has spoken on the topic of Pinterest at regional TpT meetups and at the 2020 Virtual TpT Conference.

You can work with Heather for $100/hour to help answer any questions you may have. Typically Heather will ask what specific questions you have via email. Then she will go through whatever is needed (typically Pinterest and/or Tailwind) and write out her thoughts in a document that is emailed to you. You can then review this information and ask for a video or phone chat if you want it. The total time has taken anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours, depending how much work is needed and how many questions you have. 
Group Coaching (Ideal for Masterminds)
I've had several mastermind groups reach out to me requesting I come speak to their group for 1-2 of their typical meetings to discuss an area of need. Pinterest, SEO, and working with Virtual Assistants are my areas of expertise - although I've been on TpT since 2009, so I have knowledge in a variety of areas. 

Why do group coaching?
  • You and your mastermind group can pool questions ahead of time to get the most "bang for your buck". 
  • By hearing answers to various questions - some of which you may not have thought about on your own - you will gain even more knowledge than a typical 1:1 session.
  • You will be able to follow up with all members of your group to get questions answered, all have a similar focus, and ask follow up questions of your group members - extending the knowledge from the session, even after Heather is done presenting.
Costs for these group coaching sessions are $150/hour

If you want to expand on Heather's group coaching session with a follow up call on your own, you can do that for $100/hour. Or Heather can come back and talk to your group after a week or month at the initial rate of $150/hour. 

Individual Coaching

Heather has coached several TpT sellers to help them streamline their business, decide what to blog about, focus on the areas that are performing the best for them, get organized, and more. 

First Month - The first month you will start with an hour call with Heather to learn more about your store, your goals, discuss strengths and areas of need, and more. Plus you will receive at least two check-in emails each week. The end of the month will include a call to reflect on the month and set goals for the upcoming month. 
Cost is $350 per month
Ongoing Months - Each subsequent month will include at least two emails per week and an end-of-month video or phone chat with Heather. 
Cost is $300 per month

Please reach out to us for more specific information on pricing or to see what other services we can help you with. We look forward to hearing from you!

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