Thank you for considering Heather from HoJo's Teaching Adventures, LLC, as your coach! Heather is excited you are taking the next step of hiring a coach for your business.

The coaching and consultation packages below are priced to save you time, help your business grow, save your frustrations by learning from someone who has been there, and putting your energy where it's most valuable - with your family and doing the parts of your business you love!

Below are the consultation and coaching services currently provided. When you're ready, the application can be filled out here. 

TPT Store Analysis

Teacherpreneur Coaching

Group Coaching (Ideal for Masterminds)

I've had several mastermind groups reach out to me requesting I come speak to their group for 1-4 of their typical meetings to discuss an area of need. Pinterest, SEO, email marketing, and working with Virtual Assistants are my areas of expertise - although I've been on TpT since 2009, so I have knowledge in a variety of areas. 

Why do group coaching?
  • You and your mastermind group can pool questions ahead of time to get the most "bang for your buck". 
  • By hearing answers to various questions - some of which you may not have thought about on your own - you will gain even more knowledge than a typical 1:1 session.
  • You will be able to follow up with all members of your group to get questions answered, all have a similar focus, and ask follow up questions of your group members - extending the knowledge from the session, even after Heather is done presenting.
Mastermind or group coaching is available in EXTREMELY limited circumstances. You can email Heather at heather @ hojos teaching adventures . com (without any spaces) to let her know the date/time your group typically meets. IF Heather is available for that time slot, she can set up a one-time meeting OR a recurring meeting with your group to fit your needs. 

Need just a quick answer to a question? Then TWO BURNING QUESTIONS is for you! No need to apply. Simply send an email, wait for the invoice, pay, and you'll get your questions answered! 

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