Meet the Team

Heather is a work at home mom to a sweet boy and a rambunctious girl (and mini goldendoodle!). When she's not blogging, creating new teaching resources, or doing virtual assistant work - she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, being outdoors, and spending time with horses. Heather lives in South Dakota - where she was born and raised. Her family is also loving living near the Black Hills where they enjoy exploring after the 4-day school week. 

Heather also happens to be a course junkie. She's purchased AND completed seven different courses related to Pinterest or SEO, has taken both Facebook and Pinterest ads courses, and is continuously reading LOTS of information on blogs, Facebook groups, and more.

Joanna has been a virtual assistant since 2013. She used to teach math and engineering classes, but now enjoys more time with her family and doing VA work for others. Her kids keep her busy, and she also enjoys traveling to new places. 

We also occasionally hire out other help as well. But don't worry! Heather always vets people and has them learn on her accounts before letting them work with clients. And even then, all communication takes place with Heather. Your account is in good hands! 

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