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There are not enough praises I can sing to capture what an exceptional coach, teacher, mentor, and now friend Heather has been to me. HoJo is truly masterful and conducts her coaching with the highest ethics and standards. When you have been coached by HoJo, you know that you have been given the skills to take your business to the next level. I have enjoyed being taught and coached by her and deeply value our relationship. 

Having said that I will also say that my coaching experience with HoJo has CHANGED MY BUSINESS for the good in so many ways! I have hired help before but was never satisfied with the result versus money spent. Within a few sessions with Hojo, I knew she was different and was in this with me to help me make my business a success in any way she could. 

Heather is a fantastic coach to work with, she is with you every step of the way to answer questions, help sort out problems or offer advice to help you achieve success! I LOVED that Heather openly shared her business, social media and TPT strategies to help grow my business without any hidden agenda and she ALWAYS went above and beyond!  I am forever grateful for working with this amazing woman!

If you are looking for a coach I will go on record as saying HEATHER FERGEN is the real deal. The Real McCoy.  You will not be sorry to hire and work with such an amazing individual that I now call my friend.

Laura at Stop and Smell the Crayons


Heather is an amazing coach that is priced RIGHT!

I never wait for very long for her to answer what are probably really lame questions. 😉

She always makes me feel so smart, when she’s really the smart one!

She’s great with Pinterest, which is why I hired her. But… I was pleasantly surprised when she immediately shared her knowledge about WordPress, Convertkit, Instagram and Facebook with me.

Besides creating a great business relationship… on the Zoom Calls, which she never, ever rushed me, we have also become friends who talk about life.  I enjoy her so much!

If you are having any doubts about hiring her, don’t! She’s worth every cent!


Heather's coaching was instrumental in my teacher-author journey.  I knew I needed to improve SEO, but I had no idea what to do. Her simple tips improved SEO in my entire business from product descriptions to Pinterest pins to blog posts. She checked in with me frequently to make sure I was taking action and motivating me to keep going. Ater working with Heather and taking action, my traffic and sales have more than DOUBLED helping me reach the first TPT milestone SO MUCH faster!


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