Why The Academic VA?

Why do you need The Academic VA?

Let's be honest...you can't do it all! Running a teaching store is hard work - whether this is your full-time job or if you're working at a school each day.

You need help!

That's where we come into play. Heather has been on the Teachers Pay Teachers website since 2009, becoming a premium seller in 2011. She's been using Pinterest since the early days - back when you needed an invite to even get on the site. 

These years of experience mean you have an expert on your side! You don't have to log into Pinterest just to find yourself getting lost down the rabbit hole of recipes, teaching ideas, cute outfits, and more. Let Heather and her team take that off your plate!

Using your Tailwind account, you can rest assured you'll have high quality pins going out each day. The Academic VA will ensure you have pins going out from your store, blog (if applicable), and other websites from across the web.

Our VA team will make sure you have quality content going out each day. We do this by having you join our preK-6 Tailwind tribe (a top 100 Tailwind tribe as of November 2016 and #1 in the education category), scouring Pinterest for relevant/timely pins, and looking online for other applicable content to match the needs of your board!

But what about my resources?

Yes, we will even schedule your products directly to Pinterest daily! Let's face it - the teacherpreneur world is different. We are all on collaborative Pinterest boards that have specific rules, but we can make your pinning schedule work. 

You don't have to go it alone anymore! If you're ready to take your Teachers Pay Teachers store to the next level, let Heather and her VA team here at The Academic VA help you! We want to see your business be successful! Contact us to learn more about these services and take your educational resource store to the next level!

Are you tired of trying to do everything on your own? Running a blog and Teachers Pay Teachers store can be exhausting! Let Heather and her team at The Academic VA help you out! Click through to learn why you should choose The Academic VA to meet all of your virtual assistant needs and help take your teaching resources to the next level!

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