How Are Services Provided?

Here at The Academic VA we offer services from various members of our team.

How does this work, you ask? Don't worry - we'll explain it all!

When you reach out to us, Heather will be in touch to help you determine what packages best meet the current needs of your teacher blogger business. 

From there, you will be assigned a virtual assistant - or sometimes several virtual assistants - to ensure your needs are being met!

Heather gets you all set up with Pinterest - making sure all your resources are pinned with keyword rich descriptions and that your blog also gets scheduled and pinned!

When it comes to your Tailwind account, other members of the team will help ensure your queue stays full and relevant with great pins going out. This frees up Heather's time to help you with other resources.

Other services will also be handled professionally and confidentially!

But don't worry, Heather will keep in touch every step of the way! 

You'll have a questionnaire to fill out to start, and Heather will check in a lot during the first month. But after that, your account will generally go into autopilot mode, and we'll only check in a couple times a month. You'll be able to rest easy knowing things are being taken care of - even though you may be on vacation or handling all the other aspects of your business!

Make sure to check out all of the great packages available! Then contact us to get started.

How are services from The Academic VA provided? We're so glad you asked! Click through to learn how Heather and her team will meet all of your virtual assistant needs in the teacher blogger world. You'll be glad to have a team to help you meet all of your Teachers Pay Teachers and blogging goals in the years to come!

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